Geek.Kon 2013: The Gender-bent Avengers Stand Strong

Just over 1,000 people attended Geek.Kon, representing all skill levels and all fandoms. On Saturday, my fellow genderbent Avengers and I wandered the halls, admiring cosplayers and attending a couple panels (Writing FanFiction and Ask the Avengers, both of which were entertaining in their own rights). We were flattered to be asked for photos. After a delicious dinner at Denny’s,  we changed into casual clothes then headed down to explore the rave. Highlights of rave included a talented Slenderman and Big Bird mingling through the writhing crowd, but our real fun started at the karaoke room around midnight, where our Black Widower lead Jesse’s Girl and as a team we lead I’ll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan to a kind and receptive crowd.

Sunday was much more low key. We hung out with the other members of our group in the lobby for a while before exploring the Merchandise room. After that, farewells were said and we changed into street clothes and headed back to real life.