Tekko 2019

This was our first time visiting Tekko, and we really enjoyed it. It’s clear the demographic of the attendees is a little bit older than the other cons we’ve covered over the course of last year. Tekko knows what its attendees want, and it’s ready to provide in an organized manner. Here’s the breakdown:

Criteria Rating (out of 5) Reasoning
Artist Alley 4 Intermingled with the vendors was an excellent choice, hosever I didn't find any art that was must-have.
Cosplay 3 Oof, Pittsburgh, why don't more of you cosplay? Additionally the Masquerade was overshadowed and hidden in a corner. While the cosplay I saw was generally high quality, it's clear the demographic at the con doesn't prioritize it.
Gaming 5 Best game room we've seen. Also, props for holding a Tekken 7 tourney.
Guests 5 The guests were all wonderful, friendly, and ready to interact with fans. Teddyloid and Myth&Roid were standout spectacular/
Merchandise 5 Most boxes checked - even had a cosplay booth, Multiple wig booths, and some figs I haven't seen before! Sad not to see any doujinshi, though.
Organization 5 I lost my phone. Ops had it back in my hands within half an hour. The registration line was smooth as butter, and there was adequate signage with maps posted frequently along walls
Panels 4 Love the designated 18+ panel rooms, as well as Tekko Gakko (educational panel room). Only reason for a four is that there are some key anime fan groups whose panel needs were not met.
Special Events 4 AMVs - Awesome! Concert/Rave - Epic, Wrestling?! SO COOL. Unfortunately scheduled Beyblade World Record session at same time as Masquerade. The Masquerade entries were fine, but it was sad to see a room so empty for what is usually a conventions main event.
Venue 5 Ample Space! Natural light (which means great photos)! Easy to get to from hotels. This venue is the dream. I worry as the con grows Pittsburgh may not be equippped to accomodate the park needs.
Was it actually a good time? 5 Is any con with Teddyloid not a good time? (I'm so biased)

For a base score, Tekko earned a grade of A-.

What the Tekko Is Lacking:

  • At-con food choices. While the area is surrounded by restaurants, there is no con suite, and the for-purchase food at the convention center is limited. While this normally would be more problematic, it’s clear that the attendees are a little older, and aren’t reliant on a consuite the way younger con-goers tend to be.

  • Emphasis on Main Events. Tekko awkwardly positioned its main stage in a corner on the top floor of the con. While the space itself was wonderful, it out of the way and very not like the things happening there were main events.

Unique to Tekko:

  • Artist Alley intermingled with merchandise. I LOVE this. It gives artists more foot-traffic and attention, and exposes attendees who normally don’t take the time to explore Artist Alley to talent the community has to offer.

  • The attempt at breaking the Beyblade record. I haven’t heard the results yet…will report back.

  • 18+ content all day in not one, but TWO locations

  • Wrestling! Yes, wrestling! It was unexpected, yet awesome!